Alexander Shabadei Bio

Alexander SHABADEI  b.1968

“Reflection of the beauty of nature and man’s creation”

Born in Simferopol (Crimea), Alexander Shabadei spent his youth in the seaside city of Kerch. Graduating with honors from the Serdyukov Art School in 1983, Alexander then entered one of the most respected specialized art schools in the Soviet Union, the Samokish Crimea Art School. Alexander was a top student and considered one of the most talented and promising students during his time there. After graduating with honors, the artist then moved to the historic port city of Yalta. The streets and yards, particularly in the old districts, fascinated Shabadei.  Yalta’s unique and fetching location, including mountains, cypress, magnolia, and the seaside, is where the artist decided to reside.

Shabadei has worked in various genres, but landscapes and still life continue to populate the bulk of his creative works for sale. These genres allow him to demonstrate his skill, technique and knowledge of color.

The artist works with galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, and the USA. He has works represented in private collections all over the globe including France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Austria.

Still living in Yalta, the artist is married and enjoys the mild climate of his hometown. He spends his time painting and sketching, a favorite subject being his growing son, who also attends art school.  In his pastime he enjoys swimming in the sea and traveling.