Angela Bawden Bio

Angela Bawden is a fine art painter and muralist. She currently lives in Lehi, Utah with her two daughters. 

She grew up in a large artistic family. She cannot remember life without art. From early childhood she learned different art concepts, proportion, composition, and anatomy, from her father, who is the world renowned professional artist-Sculptor, Dee Jay Bawden. She helped her father and siblings sculpt many statues and monuments throughout her childhood and young adult years. She created many drawings with pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal.

In 2006 she tried her hand at mural painting with acrylics, after deciding that she wanted to create a magical room for her children. After that first mural, she was hooked, and she knew that painting was her passion. She then started a successful mural painting business with her sisters. She’s been a full time muralist for the past 12 years, and has painted wall murals professionally in both homes and businesses. She has helped collaborate, design, and create hundreds of beautiful unique spaces and themed rooms.

She started painting her own inspired creations on canvas in 2014, with a variation of different media.  

She now creates stunning contemporary paintings.  Her unique abstract realism style emanates exquisite artistry. She works with a wide range of media, including oil paint, acrylic paint, inks, and gold leaf.

She has an extraordinary ability to create paintings that merge meticulously detailed realism with abstract concepts, which make her work dimensional and aesthetically profound.

Painting brings her joy and fulfillment. She feels very blessed to be doing what she enjoys and being able to share that joy with others. She feels most alive and at home when she is painting and creating. She believes creativity is divinely channeled. She loves receiving divine creative inspiration and manifesting it into the real world with her paint brush! Her dream is that her work can inspire and bring positive emotions to all who view her work. She puts her love and energy into each unique piece that she creates.

When she’s not painting, she enjoys crafting and creativity of all sorts. She loves to design and make costumes and props. She is passionate about interior design and she makes home décor and custom designed pieces, to coordinate and match different collections. She has an eye for making anything beautiful; such as re-purposing and giving new life to household items and furniture. Her other hobbies include photography, anything adventurous, snowboarding, wake-surfing, dirt bike riding, her Harley, spending time outdoors, and in nature, with her two daughters.