Dimitri Motov Bio

The Russian artist, Dimitri Motov, was born in 1975 in Samara City which is located on the Volga River.  His parents were both doctors and highly educated. Many artists used to gather in Motov's home as well as journalist, actors, writers and other spiritual people. So, this was the atmosphere where Dimitri grew up. One of the friends of the Motov's was quite a famous artist who often invited them to his studio. Since childhood, Dimitri was introduced to the art world and his parents noticed their son't interest in art at age eleven. Dimitri started to visit an art school and tried to paint. His first sketches and studies were simple and naive, but at the same time, he learned how to build composition, work with paint and to see light and colors.

In 1991, Dimitri entered Art College in Kharkov, Ukraine. His teachers gave Dimitri a deep knowledge about the art world and its history. He saw the artwork of the great masters in the best museums of Kharkov, Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At the age of twenty, Dimitri went to the northern part of Russia to an area called Arkhangelsk City. The beauty of the north impressed him. For the landscapes, he often chooses to paint the sunrise or sunset. This is the time of day when nature, with bright red rays of sun, wakes up, transforms and gets into motion. Eternal values (earth, sun, bread and water) are the main themes of his creative work. On the earth, he places sturdy log houses and lights them with the warm sun. The painter admires the play of the sun's rays on the grass, roofs of houses and snow. The sunlight transforms in the multitude of colors. He loves to contrast warm and cold colors.

The landscapes of Dmitri are a closed composition. On the foreground, the artist can depict animals and peasants; on the background, a row of wooden houses. The horizon is on eye level. This helps the spectator to step into the picture and become a participant of the village life. We can enjoy the panoramas of the Russian village; endless fields, small rivers, lakes, boats on the banks, dirty roads deformed by rain. Everything, even not the most beautiful side of life, is shown by the artist with love.

Dmitri Motov's art, which combines two treasures, Russian school of painting and folk tradition is of distinct mastery.  It goes without saying that he is a unique painter with his individual and inimitable artistic style.