Jessica Weiss Bio

I attended the College of Charleston, where I initially pursued a degree in Marine Biology. Realizing this was not my passion, I began taking various art classes and in 1999, transferred to UT (Knoxvillle) where the program was stronger. I received my BA in 2001. Knowing I was on the right path, but still searching for my perfect career, I attended Penland School of Craft and studied metalsmithing and jewelry design. This experience was my "lightbullb" moment. I did a three-month intensive study there. I honed my skills and learned how to set up a studio.

My designs are a reflection of my obsession with ancient jewelry. The blemishes created when the pieces spend centuries in the earth are more appealing to me than the way they might have looked right after being made. Because of this, I leave my "thumbprint" on each of my creations. I want them to look handmade. Afterall, it's the flaws in each of us that make us more beautiful.

My hope is that the love that goes into making my jewelry will be imparted to the woman who wears it.