John Iversen Bio

Elegant, organic, exciting: it is impossible not to appreciate the natural beauty of John Iversen jewelry. Born in Hamburg, Germany, John Iversen now calls Sag Harbor, New York, home. A master craftsman, he has been creating jewelry for over 30 years. Among the most celebrated contemporary jewelry artists, Iversen has been acknowledged for his work at multiple craft shows, including the George Jensen Award at the Smithsonian Craft Show, the Herbert Hoffman prize at the Schmuck Exhibition in Germany, and the Excellence in Crafts Award at the Baltimore ACC crafts show. Iversen's foray into "Nature Casting" spans the gap between fine art and craft and perfectly showcases his unparalleled talents in both arenas. Working in bronze, silver and gold, Iversen's wearable sculptures retain the delicate surface of the leaves that he so carefully chooses. John Iversen jewelry does not recreate a hydrangea blossom or ginkgo leaf, rather it produces this contemporary jewelry artists' concept of that leaf or blossom as a jewel. In this way, each piece is imbued with the feeling of its maker, another intimate distinction of John Iversen jewelry. Being deeply involved in the fresh use of his materials, Iversen draws inspiration from the organic forms and surfaces seen in his leaves, incorporating them into his varied collection. Simple collar necklaces are accentuated with finely detailed texture; swirl bracelets are reminiscent of trailing vines, truly portraying his keen sensitivity to each piece's tactile appeal. Iversen's work is as varied and unique as the natural world itself, with truly endless inspirations at every turn.


From the simultaneously delicate and powerful nature of his modern pearl jewelry to the dew-like glimmer of diamonds on his gold leaf earrings, John Iversen jewelry offers effortless elegance without a hint of pretense. Unlike the work of many contemporary jewelry artists, John Iversen jewelry looks as though it may have been plucked from nature. Each piece of metal and modern pearl jewelry is seemingly alive, floating as if it were on wings of wonder. From his small studio in New York state, John Iversen meticulously fabricates organically inspired, wearable art. Crafted to perfection, his inspiration not only comes from specimens of the natural world, but also in the metals he uses. Each vein in his hydrangeas is finely worked; the edges of his distinctive leaf pins ripple as though they are actually dried; his chain links are subtly textured to reveal the quality of the silver. "All of my jewelry is about the secret which lies hidden in the materials I use. It wants to be discovered."