Mattia Cielo Bio

Mattia Cielo

The jeweler of the Third Millennium brought to his company the avant-garde concept of highly technological, innovative jewelry

Mattia Cielo is the founder of the company that bears his name. Having worked in the family company Cielo Venezia 1270 – one of the most important jewelry groups in Italy, founded by his father Sergio – in 2006 he decided to establish his own company to create jewels for the Third Millennium. He is the jeweler- entrepreneur who brought to his company the avant-garde concept of a highly technological, innovative jewel. His friend and contemporary Massimiliano Bonoli was the creative mind capable of realizing his project.

Massimiliano Bonoli

An architect of jewels, he stretches the boundaries of the industry through the application of industrial design and R&D

Massimiliano Bonoli is the artist-designer of Mattia Cielo jewelry. He is a true “architect” of jewels who, by combining industrial design and jewelry making, aims to enrich production processes in order to exceed their previous limits. With a long list of awards to his name despite his young age, Massimiliano was able to develop with Mattia the idea of jewelry that went further than the value of the gemstones and precious metals. Together they turned their pieces into a form of individual expression, of one’s own style and personality. The jewelry becomes one with the wearer, reflecting the movements so well that they seem natural when in reality they are highly engineered objects that sparkle in the light and dance in the rhythm of the life of the wearer.